SoClean User Manual

How to use SoClean CPAP cleaner

When one is in need of pre-washing his/her equipment, you need to know the following things to maintain high standards of safety to yourself.To wash your CPAP equipment, you need to use two caps full of the already included pre-wash with one gallon of water.You will need to have a complete CPAP machine which is made up of the mask, the hose, and the reservoir.You are required to rinse thoroughly using clean water.It is important to understand that the SoClean 2 Go does not use any liquid in its operation.Therefore the pre-wash that is supplied is only employed in the cleaning of your CPAP equipment which is cleaned by hand wash only.

When you need to install the injector fitting, you are required to understand the following tips and guidelines.With the humidifier, you will be needed to disconnect your CPAP hose from your CPAP machine.You will be required to position the injection fitting inside the port of your reservoir.After placing the injection fitting, you have an obligation to allow the smaller hose to get into into the reservoir and ensure that it rest on or near the bottom of the reservoir.When the need arises, you are required to trim the injection hose to ensure that it fits inside the tank.You need to make sure that if at any time you put water in the reservoir you are required to make sure that you keep the tip of the injection hose lower than the water level in your reservoir.

Using your SoClean CPAP cleaner is very easy.You will be required to understand simple steps and measure in order to have a proper servicing by your SoClean unit.You need to know that you are not required to remove any parts of the machine to disinfect your equipment daily.You will be required to follow the following guidelines.
1.You will be required to open the lid of your equipment.
2.You will need to put in the removable slot plug into one open plug in your equipment.
3.You will be required to insert your mask inside the chamber, ensuring that you allow the attached pipe to rest in the open hose slot.You need to understand that SoClean gives you a choice on whatever side of the equipment that you choose to insert your hose and mask .When you need to change sides in your hose and mask you need to remove the slot plug from its current position by ensuring you lift it straight out.You will then insert it into the slot on the opposite side.
4.You are now required to close the lid.The SoClean will now operate automatically according to its timing and duration specified.You will need to understand that the SoClean will not be able to operate if the mask and hose are not present in the securely closed chamber.In addition to that, the SoClean will not also operate if the slot plug is not properly seated or by any chance missing.

It is important to understand that even though the actual running time of the SoClean may vary from five to ten minutes.It is crucial that you let the mask remain in the closed chamber for at least two hours.When the two hours have elapsed, the indicator will shine green as a sign that all the disinfection process has been done.At this time ,it is safe to remove the mask from the chamber.

5.When the disinfection cycle has been completed, you will be required to open the lid of your equipment and remove the removable hose plug from the slot and also remove the mask.You are required to leave the slotted plug inside the SoClean chamber.

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