SoClean FAQ

Before you can buy SoClean CPAP Cleaner, you should know the questions before buying one especially when looking for the best options form the market. Here are the  Soclean FAQ that you should know:

1. What if I have an indicator light always shining yellow or red?

This indication should help you understand that the process of disinfection is not complete. Why should I do? Please wait until the light shines green by removing your CPAP equipment from your SoClean chamber.

2. Can I wet my CPAP equipment from the SoClean?

No. The SoClean disinfects from an activated oxygen. No water or fluids are used in the process. You will always get the best solution when using it.

3. Is SoClean safe to the environment?

Yes. From the activated oxygen generator, you will always keep at a safe level with never reaches the outside environment.

4. What if my indicator light isn’t shining after scheduled cleaning time?

This would indicate that the SoClean didn’t carry out your scheduled disinfecting. You should ensure that you close it well before using especially when looking for the best solution. When you do it well, you will always be contented on how it works. One can also seek help from experts on how to maintain it especially when you need the best solutions.

5. What if using SoClean leaves a scent that is too strong for my house?

When you use it, you should ensure that you treat it well from a Neutralizing Pre-Wash, which will work for you especially when you need the best solution. You should also wear your mask during bedtime or run your CPAP for about 20 seconds thus allowing any residual scent that would blow you out. You can also do some treatments that would take place earlier within the day, thus allowing any form of residual scent to dissipate throughout the nighttime. You should also reduce treatment period as you use it. You should ensure that you disinfect it every day whenever you want to use it. Regular maintenance has always been one of the ways of ensuring that it reduces any form strong scent that it will bring to the house.

6. Which materials should I avoid when putting it on the SoClean?

You should can avoid putting Nylon and rubber since they can break down thus exposing an activated oxygen. You must get information from manufacturers whenever you need the best solutions. You can read the manual when you need to use it well without having to experience mechanical breakdowns.

7. What if I missed a scheduled sanitizing time, but I still sanitize my equipment?

In case you miss it, you will use the manual on how you can get the best results. From the guide, you will learn on how to use it without having to follow a wrong procedure. Ultimately, you would have the best results.

8. What are ways of knowing whether your SoClean is truly sanitizing?

When you use it to disinfect your house, you will always get the best results especially when you need the best outcome from the process. When using it, you must check cycle indicator light that it will shine green. From CPAP equipment, you will enjoy a light and clean scent.

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