Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner Reviews

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner – CPAP sanitizing companion

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is a portable, essentially silent CPAP sanitizer that eliminates more than 99% of germs that might result in mold and infections. With its compact style, it is perfect to take with you on the go. In just one click, it keeps germs out for a much better night’s sleep and better health!

Sleep8 screen is easy however successfully interacts the cleaning battery life, cycle countdown, and signals you when the filtered bag is not correctly connected. The device will shut-down in case the sensor detects that the bag is not plugged in correctly. This is a significant benefit over the some the other CPAP cleaner items in the market.

sleep8 cpap cleaner

There is no setup required and running the tool is an extremely simple process. Plug in your CPAP tubing to the integrated adapter situated within the included filter bag. Next, insert all of your to be cleaned CPAP devices into the filter bag. Plug in the Sleep8 CPAP sanitizing device to the port located on the outside of the filter bag. Be sure the filter bag is closed and hit Start button. A cleaning process will take around one hour.

Just put your CPAP machine inside the Sleep8 filter bag and click start, after an hour the Sleep8 will immediately shut off , leaving you with fresh, sanitized CPAP tool for immediate use. By utilizing ozone or activated oxygen to sterilize your CPAP without using extreme chemicals and your CPAP water chambers, masks and tubing simultaneously.

Main Features of Sleep8 CPAP Cleaning Machine

Effective : Sleep 8 CPAP cleaner eliminates more than 99% of bacteria that may cause mold, sinus concerns, and illness. It discharges ozone gas throughout the tube, mask, and water chamber to eliminate germs.

Travel Friendly : With a rechargeable battery, Sleep8 CPAP sanitizing device is small enough to handle in the bag.

Fast Sanitization Process : Sleep8   will have your CPAP entirely sterilized utilizing our waterless activated-Oxygen System in minutes.

Sterilize with just One Click :Just press start and the tool will do the rest. Once your CPAP and accessories are fully sanitized, it automatically shuts off.

Compatible with Most CPAP machine : Sterilizes all CPAP machines, masks, tubes, and water chambers – regardless of brand name. No adapters required!

How does Sleep8 CPAP sanitizer Works?

1.) Connect CPAP Tubing Inside the Bag. Put in Mask and Chamber and Zip it Closed: Unzip the bag and discover the round valve inside. Separate the tubing from your CPAP machine and attach it to the valve. Put all CPAP tubing, mask and dry water chamber inside the bag and zip it closed.

2.) Link Sleep8 Outside the Bag: Slide the Sleep8’s triangular shaped port onto the triangular shaped valve on the outside of the bag. It needs to be a snug fit. The gadget will only work if there is a safe and secure connection.

3.) Press Start and Relax: Press the power button till you hear a beep and see the screen light up. The screen will count down until the sanitation is total. It is normal to hear the fan osculate and pause for brief periods. When it is done it will turn off instantly.

What’s inside package?

  • Sleep8 CPAP cleaning machine
  • Sleep8 Sterilizing Filter Bag – This product is a replacement sanitizing filter bag for the Sleep8 .This bag ought to be changed every 3 months if the patient is utilizing their Sleep8 daily. One end of the CPAP tubing is linked to the valve inside the sanitizing bag, and the tubing, mask, and humidifier chamber (if any) go right inside.
  • Micro USB Battery Charger – Sleep8 micro USB battery charger charges the device to offer a cord-free method to naturally clean your CPAP device in under an hour.

Sleep8  – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do I need to sanitize my CPAP machine?
A: Sleep8 recommends that all PAP equipment tubing, and masks be cleaned daily to reduce the danger of dangerous bacteria growing in that can cause respiratory system health issues. Germs can increase significantly also within 24-hour.

Q: What needs to enter the bag to be sterilized?
A: You have the ability to safely disinfect the mask and also tubing. If you choose to sanitize your water chamber, please make certain to remove the water as well as completely dry the water chamber extensively prior to placing in your Sleep8 bag.

Many CPAP producers do NOT advise that the machine itself undergo ozone sanitation process. This is one of the advantages of Sleep8  , we do not need to subject your CPAP machine to ozone sanitation to clean your mask, tube, and water chamber. Particular other cleaners might void your CPAP’s service warranty.

Q: Can the device sanitize my BiPAP machine?
A: Yes. Sleep8 can be made use of to sterilize any PAP’s (Positive Airway Pressure) mask, along with it’s heated or non-heated tubes.

Q: Can the tool sterilize heated as well as non-heated tubing with no additional adapters?
A: Yes. Sleep8 will safely sanitize all CPAP tubes, heated and also non-heated with no adapter required.

Q: How long can I use the filtered bag?
A: Sleep8 advises changing your bag when you replace your CPAP equipment, or every 90 days.

Q: Should I clean the Sleep8 bag?
A: If the bag becomes soiled, you might wipe it with a dry towel. The bag includes a filter that ought to be kept dry. The Sleep8’s activated oxygen system totally sterilizes whatever remains in the bag, along with the inside of the bag itself.

Q: Exactly how do I clean up the Sleep8 device?
A: If the device comes to be soiled, you may clean it with a completely dry fabric. Do not get the tool wet, as doing so will certainly void the guarantee.

What is the black rectangular shape near the top of the bag?
A: This is a charcoal filter. It securely filtering system the activated oxygen that is pumped into the bag during the sterilization procedure.

Q: What is the white circle port/button on the filtered bag and also why does air come out of it?
A: This is where the filtered air is released from the bag throughout the sterilization process.

Q: Does the filtered bag blow up?
A: The Sleep8 bag might or may not blow up depending upon exactly how quickly the air is going out of the bag’s filter.

Q: May I use a different mini USB cord battery charger?
A: Voltage capacities can be different on other battery chargers. The manufacturer can not warranty the machine if it is charged using a non-Sleep8 charger. The Sleep8 battery charger is UL provided and calibrated to provide the very best current flow to optimize battery life.

Q: What is covered under the Sleep8 warranty?
A: The device guarantee covers manufacturer defects for 18 months; the battery charger service warranty covers manufacturer defects for 1 year; and also the bag warranty covers manufacturer defects for as much as 3 months.

Q: Why is there a “clean” fragrance on my mask after disinfecting process?
A: The “clean” scent that is occasionally described as comparable to the scent air after a heavy rain or thunderstorm. In-fact the fragrance in both instances is brought on by ozone. Ozone happens naturally after lightning storms, as well as is also the sterilizing agent we use. If you do not like the scent, simply let the tube sit outside the bag for some time. Better, you can run your CPAP for a few minutes prior to you place it on to minimize the fragrance.

Q: What is ozone?
A: Ozone is the sanitizing agent “activated oxygen,” also called trioxygen, due to the fact that it is comprised of three oxygen atoms

Q: Is ozone secure?
A: Yes. As soon as ozone, or “activated oxygen” can be found in contact with the air it quickly dissipates. When it is concentrated and securely contained within the Sleep8 bag, it works as a sanitizing agent to kill germs as well as any kind of living fragments things. For your security, the  tool will just operate when the Sleep8 filtered bag is properly connected, and the filtered bag needs to be changed every 3 months.

Q: Can an entire CPAP equipment be cleansed with Sleep8?
A: We don’t advise it. The only areas that need to be sanitized are your mask, tube, and water chamber. In-fact, lots of CPAP manufacturer warranties may be voided if the device is subjected to ozone sterilization. Sleep8 is distinct in ozone sanitation in that it does not subject the device to ozone.

Q: Can Sleep8 be made use of to sanitize the water chamber?
A: Yes. If the water chamber is detachable and dried, it can be put to the filtered bag for sanitizing.

Q: Can the tool sanitize my mask as well as headgear, even when other sanitizers can not?
A: Yes, Sleep8 will fully sterilize any CPAP mask and straps, including the Fit Lift Mask by Respironics.

Q: Will the tool discolor my mask?
A: That depends. To stay clear of any type of discoloration of your mask, it is necessary you clean your mask with a dry towel or CPAP wipe, prior to putting it in the Sleep8 disinfecting bag. Specific oils from skin or cosmetics can tarnish when reaching ozone.

Q: Can Sleep8 make my CPAP tube and also mask last much longer?
A: Not necessarily. The device is designed to sterilize your CPAP devices and your CPAP devices, not to extend the life of them. For a basic guidelines on when to reorder CPAP equipment, see listed below for Medicare’s schedule or call your insurance company to see when you would certainly be eligible for new supplies. (Numerous insurance companies follow Medicare’s resupply schedule).

CPAP Item & Replacement Frequency.
CPAP Mask – Every 3 Months.

CPAP Headgears – Every 3-6 months CPAP Tubing – Every 3 months.
Disposable Filter – 2 new filters every month.
Non-disposable Filters – 2 brand-new filters every 6 months CPAP Chin Strap – Every 6 months.
Complete Face Mask – Every 3 months Oral CPAP Mask – Every 3 months Humidifier Chamber – Every 6 months.
CPAP Equipment – Every 3-5 years or as needed.

Q: Should whatever be completely dry prior to beginning the Sleep8?
A: Yes. For instance, make certain to clear the water chamber before placing it to the bag. Some moisture is ok, however don’t add water inside the bag.

Q: Just how large is the Sleep8 Bag?
A: The Sleep8 Bag is a general wedge shape. It measures about 15 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, as well as 6 inches tall at the base.

Q: Can an HSA or FSA account be made use of?
A: Yes, you can utilize your HSA or FSA account. We are payable under 9274.

Q: Is Sleep8 covered by insurance policy?
A: Right now, Sleep8 is not covered by insurance coverage. You can utilize your HSA/FSA accounts under code 9274 for payment.

Q: Does my mask have to be wiped with a towel or CPAP wipe prior to utilize?
A: We strongly advice you to wipe out your mask with a CPAP wipe, or damp cloth before positioning it in the Sleep8 Sanitizing Bag. Specific skin oils as well as cosmetics including lotions and lotions can leave deposit on your mask which can react to ozone. It is recommended to guarantee your CPAP mask is free of any type of oils prior to making use of the Sleep8.

Q: Can I charge my Sleep8 and also use it at the exact same time?
A: Yes. Your Sleep8’s one-of-a-kind charging system enables simultaneous charging as well as sanitizing.

Q: Does the device works with the unique DreamStation Go 12mm tubing?
A: Sleep8 is presently enhancing our bag design to likewise widely support DreamStation Go 12mm tubing. As a workaround, you can use your DreamStation Go mask tubes adapter to safely attach to your Sleep8 bag. You can safely leave your mask inside the bag during the cleaning cycle.

Q: What do the alarm cues on the tool imply?
A: E2 (Fan|Failing) – “E2” will pulse and gadget will beep. Call customer service.

E1 (Low Battery) – “E1” will pulse and device will beep. Recharge your Sleep8.

Q: For How long does the tool requires to charge?
A: The system takes about one and half (1.5) hrs to totally charge.

Q: Is the Sleep8 Sanitizing Bag recyclable?
A: Yes, our company believe in the environment. Our bags are recycle pleasant.

Q: For How Long Does it requires to charge?
A: The unit takes about one and one-half (1.5) hrs to totally charge.

Q: Does it uses chemicals to clean up?
A: No, your Sleep8 machine transforms room air into activated oxygen (O3) by adding one little molecule of oxygen, an atom. There are no added chemicals, solvents or liquids used by your device to sterilize.


Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is designed for convenience with an incredibly quiet motor that won’t disturb your partner and is battery operated. Its compact design makes it easy to travel with, so you don’t need to choose a stinky mask on getaway. Take the action towards simple, cleaner sleep with your new  CPAP cleaning machine tonight .

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