Lumin CPAP Cleaner Reviews

Lumin CPAP Mask and Accessories Cleaner by 3B Medical

Lumin CPAP Cleaner can disinfect and sanitize the mask and humidifier that can turn into a breeding ground for pathogens including bacteria, viruses, germs and mold without routine maintenance. CPAP devices must be cleaned regularly. Most experts recommend daily cleaning and sanitizing. Lumin CPAP Cleaner is an easy device that simplifies the unavoidable sterilization of the essential devices.

Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner uses specialized high power UV-C light to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, germs and mold. The ultraviolet light is targeted at most known pathogens that can thrive in CPAP masks and humidifiers. The unique light generated by the cleaner is presently used in operating rooms at hospitals and sterile rooms at healthcare facilities.

Lumin CPAP Cleaner

How does Lumin CPAP Cleaner work?

Lumin uses a strong beam of ultraviolet light. The specific part of the spectrum used is UV-C. There are other variants of ultraviolet light, such as UV-A and UV-B. UV-C is the most effective at killing germs. It is the same part of the spectrum that kills bacteria and other pathogens in normal environments when exposed to direct sunlight. The intensity of the light is much more than what is naturally available. There is no other light used in the process. The intense ultraviolet light is specifically aimed and intensified in the narrow setting where the mask and the water chamber of CPAP devices get completely cleaned and sanitized. Lumin is not the first device to make use of such a technology but it is definitely one of the first automatic CPAP cleaners. The speed at which the device can complete a cleaning and disinfecting cycle is also unprecedented.

Lumin CPAP Cleaner

How to use Lumin CPAP Mask Cleaner ?

Using Lumin CPAP Cleaner is quite easy. Users must place the mask in the tray and wait for the automatic cycle to be completed in five minutes. The water chamber should be disassembled from the CPAP device and the cleaner will sanitize it in five minutes. The duration is one of the shortest among all known CPAP cleaners and sanitizers. The tray can be easily accessed. The tray does not need any cleaning or upkeep. The device is also programmed to shut off whenever users open the drawer. This is specifically to protect users from exposure to ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light used is quite intense so exposure is best avoided.

Features of Lumin CPAP Cleaner

The device comes with a one touch disinfection. The entire cycle takes only five minutes. There is sufficient ambient ultraviolet light to cleanse the mask and humidifier. The device does not use ozone. There is an access tray that is quite easy to use. All customers get a risk free trial for a period of thirty days. The product is priced at $249. There is free shipping and a money back guarantee.

Benefits of Lumin CPAP Cleaner

3B Medical manufactures the Lumin CPAP Cleaner. The company is one of the market leaders in the niche. The device is compact and portable but there are smaller cleaners available right now. The Lumin stands out for efficacy and efficiency. The cleaner takes only five minutes to kill germs in masks and humidifiers or water chambers. There are devices that take as long as half an hour to do the same. Lumin can not only be used to clean CPAP devices and its components but also hearing aids and nebulizer, toys and other accessories, especially those that are used by the kids.

One of the major benefits of this cleaner is that it does not use ozone to kill the germs. While ozone is indeed effective at killing various kinds of pathogens, it is also known to be an irritant and a health hazard for those who already have respiratory ailments. Traces of ozone if left behind are not healthy for the lungs of anyone suffering from a serious respiratory condition.

Lumin does not require any chemicals or detergents. No cleaning agents such as soaps or water are required. The device uses ultraviolet light and a specific part of the spectrum to effectively kill as much as 99% of bacteria, fungi, viruses and germs. It can sanitize the water chamber and the mask. The cleaner does not require any filter. There are no accessories so nothing needs to be changed or replaced in due course of time. The cleaner also looks stylish and is user friendly. It can be used in hospitals and at homes.

Lumin CPAP Cleaner vs. SoClean

SoClean is a similar cleaner as far as the purpose is concerned but it uses a different methodology. SoClean2, which is the model available right now, can kill up to 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and germs. It requires a prewash solution. Lumin has no such requirement. SoClean also requires an adapter and there are cartridge filters. Lumin do not have such requisites. CPAP devices cleaned by Lumin can be used immediately. The time needed to clean the masks and humidifiers or water chambers is also much less compared to the process of SoClean. Neither requires soap, water or any chemical agent.

What’s in the Box?

Lumin CPAP Cleaner is not the lightest of such devices. It weighs around five and a half pounds. Its dimensions are 12.25 inches by 8.5 inches by 7.75 inches. It should be stored in a setting where the temperature is between 0 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The operating temperature fluctuates between 20 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lumin is a self contained unit. It does not require any filter or cartridge. There are no removable parts. The Lumin CPAP cleaner comes assembled with the tray and drawer. All buttons are integrated. There are no special adapters or accessories.


Lumin CPAP cleaner has its strengths but there is some weakness as well. It is not as effective at cleaning and sanitizing the insides of a tube. The surface can be effectively disinfected when exposed to the ultraviolet light. While Lumin CPAP and mask cleaner does work on CPAP, PAP and BiPAP devices, the relevance is limited to masks and water chambers or humidifiers, not for tubing.


    • No. While long direct exposure times to UVC can deteriorate plastics and silicone, the Lumin CPAP cleaner cycle time is only 5 minutes. One year of everyday use amounts to 30 hours of real exposure time. In accelerated aging tests, 3B has confirmed no damage to plastics or silicone in over 150 hours of screening, roughly equivalent to 5 years of everyday use.

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